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StoreHook™ Spinal Pillow

StoreHook™ Spinal Pillow

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“In the past when I played golf my lower back would spasm so bad it took me a few days to get back to normal. Now, with this back stretcher, I stretch before I play and use it on my back as I ride between holes. I am 99% better at using this item.”

Tyler G.- Verified Customer

Perfect for use on the floor, bed, or even on a chair. Making it an ideal choice for those who suffer from back pain.

Spinal Pillow

Neck Support:

The cervical traction device provides perfect neck support to better relax and rest the neck and shoulders, helping to support the cervical spine to the correct position.

Acupressure Technique:

The neck stretcher simulates real-life acupressure techniques to moderately stimulate acupuncture points for moderate massage stimulation.

Sturdy And Durable:

Sturdy neck and shoulder relaxer, completely filled design, not easy to deformation, reusable, to provide you with excellent cervical support.

Continuous Use:

The spinal traction pillow helps to restore the correct cervical curvature and the correct development of the neck, shoulder, and back points with continuous use.

Compact And Convenient:

The spinal correction pillow is small and light, easy to carry and use, will not occupy too much space, suitable for business travel.


  • Straighten the spine to stretch the muscles around the spine.
  • The raised part gently stimulates the shoulders and neck, promotes blood circulation, and relieves spinal pressure.
  • When used for lying down, it can stretch the bones, which is good for the blood circulation of the body, eliminates lazy 
  • habits, relieves the fatigue of the day, and improves the quality of sleep.
  • Placed on the chair, it can reduce the pressure of the ganglion, relieve back pain and indigestion caused by prolonged posture, and can stretch the muscles near the spine.
  • Ergonomic design fits the human physiological curve, massages more comfortably, relieves back pain, light and compact, for home and office use.


1. Support decompression: relieve fatigue and reduce exercise stress

2. Correction and repair: repairing the normal physiological curve of the cervical spine

3. Ergonomic design: acupuncture points, acupressure, soothing spine

4. Health Care: Real finger massage to relax.

5. Lightweight and compact, for home and office use

6. Improve blood circulation and slow down head fatigue

7. The raised part gently stimulates the shoulders and neck to relieve cervical pressure

8. Improve sleep quality

9. Straighten the spine and stretch the muscles near the spine

10. Ergonomic design fits the human body's physiological curve, and massages more comfortably

11. Solve back pain

Package Includes:

1x Spinal Pillow


Material: Resin + PE / PC Polymer

Massage area: neck, shoulders, back

Massage time: 20-30 minutes recommended

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