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StoreHook™ SmartSpace Dish Drying Solution

StoreHook™ SmartSpace Dish Drying Solution

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“The compact size is perfect for my limited countertop space, allowing me to maximize every inch. It's a true space-saver!”

Catherine Lewis. - Verified Customer

SmartSpace Dish Drying Solution

Offers a convenient and efficient way to dry and organize your dishes, while also saving space in your kitchen. Its durable construction, easy cleaning features, and customizable options make it a practical addition to any kitchen environment.

Easy to Install: 

Includes all necessary mounting screws and fixings. The installation process is straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring a stable and wobble-free setup.

Compact and Stylish: 

Features a compact design that effortlessly blends with any kitchen or dining room decor. Its stylish appearance adds an aesthetic touch to your space while efficiently organizing your tableware.

Durable Iron Construction: 

Constructed entirely of iron, providing excellent durability and preventing rust and acid damage. This sturdy material ensures the rack's longevity, making it a reliable choice for long-term use.

Hygienic Water Collection: 

This comes with a separate plastic water tray, effectively keeping your worktop clean and tidy. The tray collects water that drains from the Dish Drying Solution, allowing you to easily pour it out at any time, maintaining a hygienic environment.

Slots and Cleaning: 

Designed with slots for easy hanging on the mount. This feature enables you to remove the rack effortlessly whenever you need to clean it. It offers great convenience and ensures that maintaining cleanliness is a simple task. Additionally, the versatile design allows you to place various types of tableware on the rack, accommodating your needs effectively.


Material: Stainless Steel + High Temperature Baking Paint

Color: Black

Package Include:

1 X SmartSpace Dish Drying Solution


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