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StoreHook™ LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

StoreHook™ LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

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“Love it! I used the anti-bacteria blue light and the red light the night before and the next day my face looked amazing and so soft”

Rose G.- Verified Customer  

LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

Better skin more confidence, Reduces future acne flare-ups and existing acne, soothes inflammation and calms redness, Purifies the skin, and minimizes pore size

7 Colors Function of the product:

  •  Wavelength of red light varies from 620 to 750nm and it facilitates blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, generates collagen, helpful to wrinkle care and skin improvement.
  • Wavelength of blue light varies from 476 to 495nm and it removes propionibacterium acnes, is helpful to acne care, and improves the environment in the hair file
  • Wavelength of orange light varies from 590 to 620nm and it improves the function of oxygen exchange in the cell, and accelerates blood circulation together with fading pigments, therefore, it is helpful in improves to soften skin.
  • Greenlight (520nm) to neutralize, and balance skin conditions relieve mental stress and effectively dredge lymphoid and edema.
  • Purple light: it is red and blue dual-band light, a combination of two kinds of phototherapy effects, especially in healing and repairing the acne scar.
  • Light purple light Resolves age spots, and improve fine lines and sagging skin.
  • Cyanine light: enhances the cell energy gradually, and promotes metabolism.

Multifunctional and Easy to Use;

LED Light Therapy Facial Mask with 7 colors L E D light red, blue, orange, green, purple, light purple, and cyan, improves the skin. The transparent, lightweight design satisfies you to do more things you want to do while skincare

High-Quality Materials:

Light therapy mask uses advanced transparent ABS material that can ensure that you use it for a longer time, and a good L E D light strip brings a brighter lighting effect, and it reaches the bottom of the skin very well


Use Tips:

To turn on this L E D face mask light therapy only needs to press a button. After the facial mask works, it will automatically time for 15 minutes, safe and efficient. USB charging design, truly liberating skincare time

How to Use:

1. Clean your face.

2. Apply a mask.

3. Wear the LED mask, and choose the color you want.

4. Finish.(15-20mins)


1. Turn on the power after connecting all the connections.

2. Electric circuit inside the device should not be pressed or folded, and it should be placed flat to be properly protected after use.

3. Please be careful that heavy things are not placed over them.


Everyday use, 15mins/time. Recommend use with mask/essence.

Product Includes:

1 x LED Face Mask

1 x English Manual


Item Type: LED Facial Mask

Color: 7 Colors Face Mask / 3 Colors Face Mask

Material: ABS LED Therapy Face Care

Output: 5V 1A

Battery capacity:150mA

Charging Time: 1 -2 Hours

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