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StoreHook™ LatteArt Coffee & Pastry Decorator Pen

StoreHook™ LatteArt Coffee & Pastry Decorator Pen

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“Until I've tried it and wow. Highly impressed. I have seen some of these on tik Tok now and I am happy I got myself one before they became mainstream. Get yourself one if you love coffee art.”

Bonnie M. - Verified Customer

A perfect spice tool, suitable for children, teenagers, and adults to exert creativity, and make their food and coffee into beautiful works of art

LatteArt Coffee & Pastry Decorator Pen

Endless Creativity:

Latte Art Pen allows you to express your creativity and imagination through art on coffee. With these pens, you can create different designs and art on the surface of your coffee, showcasing your creativity in a unique and personalized way.

High Quality:

Our Latte Art Pens are made of high-quality food-grade pigments that are safe to use. They are also fade-resistant and washable, ensuring that your coffee art stays vibrant and eye-catching.

User Friendly:

These pens are easy to use and require no technical skills or prior experience. You can create beautiful art on your coffee in the comfort of your home, office, or in a coffee shop and impress your friends and colleagues with your artistic abilities.


Our Latte Art Pens have a flexible and precise design, enabling you to draw different lines and designs on any type of coffee. Whether you want to decorate your latte, cappuccino, or any other coffee drink, these pens can help you create amazing and unique designs.

Great Gift Idea:

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for a coffee lover or artist, these pens make a perfect gift. They come in an array of color options, making them perfect to express your personality and style.



Color: White, pink, blue, green, red

Main materials: Plastic, Electronic components

Package Include:

1 X LatteArt Coffee & Pastry Decorator Pen

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