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StoreHook™ Defrost Tray

StoreHook™ Defrost Tray

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“This is a great addition to my kitchen I am so forgetful about taking things out of the freezer and this item is great. I have used it frequently since I bought it. It has even thawed out a small casserole in a thin plastic container. I have no worries now when I forget when things are still in the freezer.”

Arianne S. - Verified Customer  

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to defrost frozen meat, look no further than the Magical Defrost Tray. This tray allows you to defrost frozen food within minutes, without chemicals or electricity. Simply place the frozen food on the tray and it will defrost quickly and safely. The tray stays cool to the touch throughout use, so there's no need to preheat or use hot water. Whether you're thawing chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, or lamb chops, the Magical Defrost Tray is sure to make your life easier.

Defrost Tray

Fast Defrosting Tray:

Defrost tray is made of premium thermal conductive aluminum to speed up thawing process, the thawing speed is 8 times faster than at room temperature. Defrosting mat can be used to defrost Chicken Breasts, Beef Steak, Pork Chops, Lamb chops, Fish and so on.

Natural and Safe:

No chemicals, no odor, no electricity needed, our meat defrosting tray is the safest way to defrost frozen food quickly while preserves all the original flavor and nutrition of your food. Room temperature thawing takes a long time, Microwave thawing destroys food nutrition. Our defrosting plate is your best choice.

Eco-friendly Design:

With high-precision nano surface design to keep the tray and counter clean. Groove design allow liquid to be drained away. The non-slip feet on each corner allowing you easily handle the tray.

Easy to Use and Clean:

Simply place frozen food onto the thawing plate and it will defrost faster. No need hot water, no microwave use, no fire, no sharp knives. Use soft sponge or cloth to wash this tray for longer service life.


1 x Defrost Tray


Material: Plastic + Aluminum

Shape: Square


(A)23 X 16.5 X 0.2cm/9.06 X 6.5 X 0.08"

(B)23 X 16.5 X 0.3cm/9.06 X 6.5 X 0.12"

(C)29.5 X 20.3 X 0.2cm/11.61 X 7.99 X 0.08"

(D)29.5 X 20.3 X 0.3cm/11.61 X 7.99 X 0.12"

(E)35.5 X 20.5 X 0.2cm/13.98 X 8.07 X 0.08"

(F)35.5 X 20.5 X 0.3cm/13.98 X 8.07 X 0.12"

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