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StoreHook™ ChillSphere Ice Ball Molds

StoreHook™ ChillSphere Ice Ball Molds

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“Nice idea, Basically, it produces enough ice to fill the one-pint glass and takes up the space of two standard ice cube trays”

Winston G.- Verified Customer

ChillSphere Ice Ball Molds

Looking for a quality iceball maker? Look no further! Our two-in-one tray not only makes traditional ice cubes but also converts them into a water bottle to keep your drinks cold

The airtight puck-making mold ensures that your ice balls won't absorb any other unwanted odors in the fridge, and is easy to clean in the dishwasher. Best of all, this product is resistant to high temperatures of up to 100 degrees!

Premium materials:

The ice ball maker bottle/ice ball maker kettle is made from food-grade silicone material, which is durable and free of harmful chemicals like BPA. Premium strength ensures no breakages and no spills due to the screw top lid on the ice ball maker

Convenient and Innovative:

screw top air-tight lid ensures no spills or absorbing odors in the freezer, no more touching ice cubes can be dispensed directly from the bottle to avoid germs. Can be used as a drink serving bottle once expanded and drink poured over the round ice cubes great for parties

Very easy to use:

The ice ball bottle can make 17 ice balls at a time. Pour in the water or drink you want up to fill the line (indicated in pics + video), squeeze tightly, and screw the lid on while squeezing the bottle to ensure perfectly round ice balls. Put it in the freezer (6 to 8 hours), take it out, and wait AT LEAST 4 minutes, twist the mini ice ball maker left and right to loosen the ice balls, then unscrew the lid, pull the straps to expand the bottle, then pour out the ice balls.


Material: Silicone

Item Shape: Round

Item Dimensions L x W x H: 27.3L x 11.4W x 7H centimeters

Multiple uses:

ice maker bottle or use as a drinks ice bottle by pouring a drink in once open/expanded over ice balls for an instant cooling drink or use as an ice pack for traveling

Package Included:

1 x ChillSphere Ice Ball Molds


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