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StoreHook™ Universal Grass Cutter With 6 Blades

StoreHook™ Universal Grass Cutter With 6 Blades

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“Great for cutting poke and large Brush Also good for cutting Small branches . String still does better with Small grass, But definitely try It “

Hanz T.- Verified Customer

Clear Brush in No Time! Whether you're clearing shrubby weeds or cutting down invasive saplings, These blades will keep on cutting without slowing down. trimmer blades, especially the three-bladed models are the best knife-type trimmer blades in terms of cutting ability, endurance, and durability

Universal Grass Cutter With 6 Blades


  • 1.Double-sided cutting edge - 360° no dead angle cutting
  • 2.The blade is freely retractable in the case of resistance such as stones.
  • 3.More uniform cutting - more thorough weeding
  • The trimmer head is made of high quality metal material, sturdy and durable, providing a long life service.
  • high hardness, sharper and more durable.
  • Easy to install and convenient to use.
  • A practical replacement accessory for your trimmer.
  • Perfect for garden or agricultural use.


1 inch hole universal blade trimmer fit 99% straight shaft strimmer. If you haven't used similar blade products before, you need installation kit. The selection of kit needs to see your mower. The number of teeth of the straight axis is 6 or 10.


Blade is fired to increase the hardness of the blade and make the rotation more flexible, which will be more useful to trim your garden. Trimmer head suitable for cutting branches, brush and shrubs.


The weed eater blades metal is made of manganese steel, and the insert has high hardness and long service life. Please don't let the blade hit stone and other solid objects, the blade will be blunt or even damaged.


Different parts can be purchased and installed according to the straight shaft of the mower and the existing accessories.

During installation, the center hole of blade tools just coincides with the anti offset ring of thrust plate guard washer.

Please note: it is necessary to select the thrust plate guard washer with anti offset ring. If not, it will vibrate vigorously in use, which is very

dangerous. In use, it will quickly damage blade tools, and cause small stones and broken wood chips on the ground to splash and hurt people.

The reason is that the parts cannot be fixed and the parts are unstable.

Therefore, when using the lawn mower, you must wear protective helmets, protective clothing and protective boots, ask others to stay away and take various protective measures.


The grass trimmer head has a double-sided cutting edge, 360-degree cutting without dead angle, the blade is sharp, and the cutting is uniform. Easy to use When the blade encounters resistance such as stone, the blade can freely expand and contract, which is more convenient to use.


Electric mower blades are widely used in gardens or agriculture, and are suitable for installation on grass trimmers for trimming.

Product Includes:

1 X 6 Teeth Metal Blades Trimmer Head


Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type: Grass Trimmer Head

Material: Manganese Steel

Teeth: 6 Teeth 

Color: Green, Yellow (optional)

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